I make all things new


These are the words of Jesus Christ in Revelation 21:5

‘And He that sat upon the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new”.’

At the beginning of 2015, may I wish you all a Happy New Year!

We don’t know what this year may hold, but even in these early days, it is clear that there is nothing much different from last year.  The news headlines are still the same: terror, suffering and chaos.  Not much to celebrate there then, and even with an election in the coming months, no-one holds out any hope of a new government providing all the answers.

Is there ANY hope?

Praise God, there is one who sits on a heavenly throne: a glorified man – the Son of God – who has trod this cursed earth in humility and purity, and given his own life ransom for us all, going into death to rise triumphant the third day.

Jesus Christ is the only one we can turn to find peace, joy and ultimate rest.

In Revelation 21, the emphasis is on ‘all things’, with reference to his work in bringing all of creation into new life, but this is not solely a future prospect.  The renewing of Christ can be a present reality.  This is, in fact, what the good news of the Gospel is all about – Jesus Christ working in you to make you ‘a new creature’ (2Cor 5:17)  Let’s just consider briefly three aspects of this new life being offered to us.

Newness of Life (Romans 6) – Life of a different character.

Eternal Life (John3) – Life of a different quality.

Word of Life (1John1) – Life from a different source.

My prayer is that many this New Year, will recognise the wondrous grace displayed in this offer of New Life, and will bow humbly before the only Saviour, Jesus Christ.  Only then, will this New Year truly be a New Year!

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