Isaiah 7

Immanuel – God With Us Section 2a: We move from the year that king Uzziah died in 740BC to the beginning of the reign of Ahaz 736BC. Jerusalem is being threatened by a coalition from both Syria and Israel, but Isaiah is able to give Ahaz a message of hope and encouragement. Would Ahaz trust…

Isaiah 6

The Lord is still on the throne Section 1f: The introductory section of Isaiah’s prophecy concludes with this awesome vision of the holy presence of the triune God, who is revealed to Isaiah in the Son (John 12:37-41), who as King and Lord of hosts rightfully sits upon the sovereign throne of God. This was…

Isaiah 5

Section 1e: This chapter begins with a love song, out of which come six stark warnings, descriptive of our own day just as much as they are of the early 740’s BC. The chapter then concludes dramatically in darkness and shadow as Isaiah predicts Assyrian invasion.

Isaiah 4 on Open Bible Podcast

Section 1d: Isaiah introduces the Messiah as ‘the branch of the LORD’ showing Jesus to be the ‘Son of God’. Explore this title of Messiah with us in the following episode of Open Bible Podcast.

Isaiah 3

Section 1c: Isaiah continues with a description of society in his day and the destructive end to which they are heading. At the heart of it the selfishness of men and the pride of women, both setting themselves “against the LORD”.

Isaiah 2

Section 1b: Isaiah takes us to the last days, and shows us a time of peace when the LORD Jesus will reign and will alone be exalted above all. In that day all will desire to come to Zion, to know his ways and walk in his paths, but we do not have to wait…

Isaiah 1

Section 1a: The Prophet Isaiah prophesied in Jerusalem (740s BC – 690s BC) to the southern nation of Judah concurrently to Hosea (who was in Samaria prophesying to the northern nation of Israel). A major focus of his message is the holiness of the LORD. Note: The picture shows an Aramaic epitaph from the first…

722BC and beyond

We conclude a look at the historical setting of Hosea’ day with a reading from 2 Kings 17.

Historical Clarification

2 Kings 15 We consider the reigns of Zechariah, Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah and Pekah son of Remaliah.

Hosea 14

Section 15c: We come to a sublime and gracious ending that fully displays the depth of the Lord’s love. There is a sinner’s prayer followed by blessings that will only be fully realised for Israel in the millennial reign of Christ.

Hosea 13

Section 5b: Final declarations of judgement for gross idolatry, including child sacrifice. Israel would reap what they had sown, to quote a previous chapter.

Hosea 12

Section 5a: Ephraim accused of deceit and lies. They were just like their scheming forefather Jacob, and Hosea pleads with them to learn the lesson from his life and turn to the Lord.