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New to the New Testament

You may have recently received a free New Testament from us (if not, order your copy here). To help you as you begin to read it, we have put together the short series of videos below.

For Kids

Watch the latest episode of Forward in Hope for Kids – Exploring the Book of Signs Season 3 – Episode 2 The Second Sign – The Nobleman’s Son To catch up on the series so far, or to see the full archive of videos, click here.

Honour the Son

“All should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. Whoever does not honour the Son, does not honour the Father which sent Him.” John 5 v 23 It would be easy to assume that Jesus’ words opposite are just words of possibility and choice, as if He were saying, ‘all should honour the…

The Deity of Christ in the Gospel of Matthew

The titles “Jehovah” and “God” given to Jesus in Matthew 1 In this series of articles I want to present the case that Matthew teaches Jesus is God, from the arguments I made in 2 moderated debates with a Muslim apologist, Mohammed Abd al Razack, commonly known as Al Yemeni. Although I will be going…

Introduction to the Word

‘The Word’ – what does the Bible mean by this? It is not just any particular word, written or spoken by people, and it isn’t Microsoft Word either. ‘The Word’ also isn’t an object or a sound. The question really is not what, but who. Who is the Word? The Word is a person. This…

Isaiah 12

Section 2f: We conclude the second section of Isaiah with this delightful chapter – the heart’s response to the Lord Jesus, God our Saviour.

Our True Genetic History?

Some time ago I really enjoyed watching an in-depth series on our genetic history, by Dr Nathaniel Jeanson, on the Answers in Genesis channel and thought it worth sharing. It shows clearly that the data is in no way at odds with the Bible.

Isaiah 11

Section 2e: We now turn, once again, from the imminent threats of judgment to the certain hope found in the coming Messiah. We learn that His first coming will be in humility and the power of the Spirit, but then a second coming in power will bring about the desired physical peace and rest, not…

Isaiah 10

Section 2d: The declaration of judgement continues, but this time directed to the King of Assyria. We are moving perhaps 15 years on from the previous chapter, and Assyria is turning its attention to the Kingdom of Judah. Isaiah is showing Judah their foolishness is trusting in Assyria to begin with, and calls them again…

Isaiah 9

Section 2c: After the darkness there is light and the promise of a ‘child born’ and ‘son given’ who shall victoriously establish His kingdom. Then contrasted with the glorious person of the Messiah is a fourfold judgement upon Israel and their leaders.

Isaiah 8

Section 2b: Another few years have passed from chapter 7, and the LORD speaks to Isaiah on three more occasions. It’s sad to see the hardness and rebellion of the people despite the goodness and grace of the LORD.

Isaiah 7

Immanuel – God With Us Section 2a: We move from the year that king Uzziah died in 740BC to the beginning of the reign of Ahaz 736BC. Jerusalem is being threatened by a coalition from both Syria and Israel, but Isaiah is able to give Ahaz a message of hope and encouragement. Would Ahaz trust…

Isaiah 6

The Lord is still on the throne Section 1f: The introductory section of Isaiah’s prophecy concludes with this awesome vision of the holy presence of the triune God, who is revealed to Isaiah in the Son (John 12:37-41), who as King and Lord of hosts rightfully sits upon the sovereign throne of God. This was…

Isaiah 5

Section 1e: This chapter begins with a love song, out of which come six stark warnings, descriptive of our own day just as much as they are of the early 740’s BC. The chapter then concludes dramatically in darkness and shadow as Isaiah predicts Assyrian invasion.