Think about Apologetics

Many claim that to have faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour is “blind faith”. This is untrue and a mischaracterization.

Take Luke, for example – at the beginning of his Gospel, writing to Theophilus says he wrote “in order, … that you may have certainty concerning the things you have been taught“.

This can be internally verified by noticing the amount of small detail given in the Gospel account. Any writer including such detail is looking for trouble if the detail is not accurate. However, Luke’s history has been vindicated by scholars, and the great archeologist Sir William Ramsey, initially skeptical about the truth of the accounts presented in the Bible, said of Luke’s writings: “It was gradually borne in upon me that in various details the narrative showed marvelous truth” (1982).

This issue of “blind faith” is used even more in terms of faith in God our Creator.  Yet again, there is sufficient evidence if we keep the materialist blinkers off, and allow ourselves to be open minded. Have a look at these pieces of evidence:




In considering this evidence, and concluding that the evidence does point to a Creator, my second point is the ‘So what then?‘ question. Belief in Creation guarantees a hope for the future that evolution does not and cannot have. That hope is based in God’s plan of redemption, worked out and ultimately brought to fruition in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. In a day to come, the Bible teaches that, God will restore His Creation to perfection again, but in the meantime God is working with individuals.

Have you humbled yourself before your Creator? Have you been redeemed and restored? Do you know the wonder of ‘Christ in you’ which Paul says is the ‘hope of glory’? If not, I pray that through reading these pages, you will come to know God not only as your Creator, but also as your Saviour.

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