Think … Is Jesus Christ the answer?

Auguste Rodin is said to have conceived the idea of sculpting ‘The Thinker’ in 1880.  Some 243 years earlier another Frenchman was also thinking.  Rene Descartes, considering that thought itself proved his existence, coined the phrase “I think, therefore, I am”.

Now you have thought, and you are here.  I presume you are here because you have some interest in what Jesus Christ has to say about truth and life.

The lynch-pin of Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which if true, means he is alive.  Therefore, before you delve into some of the issues below, could I encourage you to come to Christ with a sincere heart, and ask him to reveal the truth to you.  If you ask, he will answer.  If need be, take up the words of the Psalms:

O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me;  [Psalm 43:3]


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