I’d like to hear your responses to the following statement regarding the sanctity of life:

Our understanding of who Jesus Christ is will determine our view of the sanctity of human life.  The words of John 1:14 ‘The Word became flesh’, give intrinsic value to the human life beyond debate.

The ‘Word’ of John 1 is a divine title of Jesus – the Creator of life, and this is a claim Jesus himself made throughout the Gospel record.  This claim was evidenced through the perfect life the fulfilled Old Testament prophecies, the miraculous works done in full view of the crowds, and finally through the fulfilment of his own prophetic utterances regarding his resurrection.

That Jesus Christ has proved himself to have both the nature of God and the nature of man, proves the reality of a Creator who values humanity enough to become human, and then to give his own perfect, eternal life to liberate lost souls.

One of the most wonderful aspects about the life of Jesus is that more often than not, he reached out to the oppressed, the guilty, the diseased and down-trodden – those that society assumed were of little value – and lifted them up, restoring their dignity and intrinsic worth.

Sadly, society hasn’t changed.  The utilitarian philosophers of today, and increasingly the general public, look down on certain groups as of less value: the unborn, the terminally ill, the disabled … The prevailing winds are trying to dismiss the Biblical understanding of the sanctity of life, often by simply dismissing God through their evolutionary materialism, a view that itself is more and more being shown to rest on quicksand.

My assertion in this short article is that to dismiss the Biblical understanding of the sanctity of life, you will have to dismiss the historicity of who Jesus is and the fulfilled prophecies; the historicity of his miraculous power; and the historicity of his resurrection.

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