“Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort;” 2 Cor 1:3 This is our God, “the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort” How amazing He is.  As He is Creator all these virtues come from Him.   But what does it mean? …

పరిస్తితి ఉన్నప్పటికిని మనం ఈ ఆదరణకరమైన వాక్యం మీద ఆధారపడవచ్చును

[By Aditya Swathi B.] నిన్ను విడువను నిన్ను ఎడబాయను, నిబ్బరముగలిగి ధైర్యముగా నుండుము Joshua 1:5,6 The LORD said to Joshua … ‘I will not leave you or forsake you. Be strong and courageous’ (Joshua 1:5,6 – ESV). గొప్ప నాయకుడైన మోషే చనిపోయిన తరువాత , బహు విస్తార జనాంగమైన ఇశ్రాయేలీయులను నడిపించుటకు యెహోషువా భయపడి ఉండవచ్చును. అందుకే దేవుడు అంత గొప్పగా ధైర్యం చెప్పెను….

The God of Grace – Num 11

There is a burden you carry, a responsibility you bear … It is at this point that God says: “I will come down”

Amazing Acts – #2

Prayer – An Amazing Provision “These all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication…! ” Acts 1:14 Here we have it … for fear, the disciples had locked themselves away from the world, while they waited for ‘the Comforter’ to come (John 15:26).  And we can understand how they were feeling as we’re locked away…

Ezekiel – A man in lockdown

Then the spirit entered into me, and set me upon my feet, and spake with me, and said unto me, Go, shut thyself within thine house. (Ezekiel 3:24) We are all living in strange times. The world as we know has stopped – we may hope that it is just a temporary pause, and that…