Going Deeper

This page hosts our in-depth videos.


Before and After

A Message from Ephesians 2 about the change that salvation brings.

The Mercy of God – Sukhbir Tandy

Psalm 136 repeats the refrain that God’s ‘mercy endures forever26 times. It must be an important truth. Sukhbir explains it to us.

God’s Message for All – Justin Waldron

In an age of identity politics, the Gospel sees us all as equally valuable, equally sinful and equally in need of salvation.

Keeping a Promise – Robert Armstrong

The rainbow is a testimony to God’s Power, Provision & Promise.

Stay at Home, Save Lives – JP Earnest

A message of salvation

God’s Grace and Glory – Sam Perry

A short message of hope

Look and Live – Matthew Dalton

A message of God’s provision for our greatest problem.

Blessings in Christ – Andy Mullan

Two messages for our Muslim friends, given in response to a submitted question.

“The Quran mentions extra blessings are given if thankful prayers in clean and quiet environment is performed. Is there similar in the Bible regarding extra blessing?”

If you have a question or a challenge regarding the Bible or Christianity, do not hesitate to get in contact.

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