Discuss Beauty and Order

I’d like to hear your responses to the following statement regarding the beauty and order:

The other week my son had a bath before going to bed. The next morning, when he came downstairs, his hair was all over the place. When I pointed this out to him, he went into the bathroom to sort it out. He wanted to bring some order to it.

Many of us even go a step further, and will not step out of the house until we are satisfied we have brought some beauty to our appearance.

I find this very simple action, one we participate in almost every day, to contain a truth that falsifies the popular science behind almost every natural life documentary.

The reason documentaries such as Planet Earth are so popular is because of the beauty we see in the world around us, and the order that is visibly obvious at every strata of the natural world. The order is amazing, and the beauty, awesome.

Then we listen to the dulcet tones of the commentator and hear that this has all happened by chance, through some unguided, natural mechanism. And therein lies the problem!

Go back to bed, and while you sleep your head will ‘by chance’ turn this way and that. There is no rhyme or reason to it; no conscious thought attached to the movement of your head. Sleep is in this context our unguided, natural mechanism.

Each and every morning, staring us in the face, is the unassailable fact that chance and natural selection do not produce order and beauty. In fact, the very opposite, our hair is in various stages of chaos.

To restore order and beauty to our appearance requires conscious thought, and a bit of work. Similarly, the order and beauty in our natural world must of necessity result from conscious thought (God) and a bit of work (creation).

Without God and his creation, there would be chaos. The proof is there for us to see every morning!

My assertion in this short article is that to dismiss the Biblical understanding of creation by a Creator, is to dismiss the very categories of beauty and order.

What do  you think?