Isaiah 1

Section 1a: The Prophet Isaiah prophesied in Jerusalem (740s BC – 690s BC) to the southern nation of Judah concurrently to Hosea (who was in Samaria prophesying to the northern nation of Israel). A major focus of his message is the holiness of the LORD.

Note: The picture shows an Aramaic epitaph from the first century BC. It reads:

“Hither were brought
The bones of Uzziah
King of Judah.
Do not open!”

‘King Uzziah, who ruled in the 8th century BCE, was famous for his building projects. When he died, he could not be buried in the royal tombs, because he was a leper. Some 700 years after his death, in the Second Temple period, Jerusalem expanded, and Uzziah’s tomb had to be moved outside the new city limits. This Aramaic epitaph was erected to mark the king’s new burial place.’ [Israel Museum]

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