How valuable is a human life?

Speaking to a man in Northfield today, we got on to the subject of Capital Punishment. He described it as murder, and said:

It is never right to take a life!

I would like you to pause a moment. Do you agree?

I don’t want to debate the merits of this statement here. It was not so much a thoughtful response, but rather an instinctive reply, and as such, I would suggest, carries a greater weight for it shows the inherent value we place on the sanctity of life. What he was, in effect, saying was that no matter how evil someone is, their life is valuable and we have no right to take it.

Let me now ask you the question I posed to him – what about abortion?

Is it ever right to take the life of a baby in the womb?

Are you feeling uncomfortable? Are you beginning to back track?  Why?

What is your justification – the right of the mother to choose? This selfish thinking undermines the sanctity of life. Life becomes arbitrary. Insignificant.

Mocha or Cappuccino? Mint or vanilla? Red sauce or brown sauce? Life or death? Either way, it doesn’t really matter!

Can I urge you to consider your position on the sanctity of life and be consistent? If you’re still not convinced, have a watch of the following video – 180 Movie

Life matters, People matter, You matter. Why? Because you have a never-dying soul.

What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?  Mark 8:36

It is one thing to treasure life, but don’t neglect your soul, for it is of even more value.  We will all die one day – that is certain! The Bible tells us that after death is judgment and there will be one of only two verdicts. Innocent or guilty?

The question of our guilt or innocence is not determined by our views, whether views of life, views of God, views of morality etc. It is not even determined by our moral actions or good deeds. It is determined by our nature and our allegiance.

We are rebellious sinners by nature and our primary allegiance is to self. We want to determine our own rules. We want to control our own lives. We don’t want to be told by anyone how to live our lives – what is right and wrong. Therefore we dismiss God from our lives, sealing our doom and assuring our guilt.

Our only hope is if someone takes our place to bear the judgment in our stead; to pay the fine in full (shed blood); and to satisfy the righteous demands of divine law. That hope is found in Jesus Christ. He is the only Saviour. His death at the cross of Calvary is the greatest expression of the sanctity of life. He died that we might live!

Repent of your sin and rebellious ways, and cling to the cross, trusting in Christ’s shed blood as the basis of your innocence.

If this has had an impact upon you, or you would like to discuss any aspect of this, please do not hesitate to get in touch, either by e-mail or phone. May God bless you.

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