Isaiah 2

Section 1b: Isaiah takes us to the last days, and shows us a time of peace when the LORD Jesus will reign and will alone be exalted above all. In that day all will desire to come to Zion, to know his ways and walk in his paths, but we do not have to wait…

Isaiah 1

Section 1a: The Prophet Isaiah prophesied in Jerusalem (740s BC – 690s BC) to the southern nation of Judah concurrently to Hosea (who was in Samaria prophesying to the northern nation of Israel). A major focus of his message is the holiness of the LORD. Note: The picture shows an Aramaic epitaph from the first…

722BC and beyond

We conclude a look at the historical setting of Hosea’ day with a reading from 2 Kings 17.

Historical Clarification

2 Kings 15 We consider the reigns of Zechariah, Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah and Pekah son of Remaliah.

Hosea 14

Section 15c: We come to a sublime and gracious ending that fully displays the depth of the Lord’s love. There is a sinner’s prayer followed by blessings that will only be fully realised for Israel in the millennial reign of Christ.

Hosea 13

Section 5b: Final declarations of judgement for gross idolatry, including child sacrifice. Israel would reap what they had sown, to quote a previous chapter.

Hosea 12

Section 5a: Ephraim accused of deceit and lies. They were just like their scheming forefather Jacob, and Hosea pleads with them to learn the lesson from his life and turn to the Lord.

Hosea 11

Section 4e: This final part of section 4 gives us a glimpse into the heart of God and His deep love for His people, past, present and future.

Hosea 10

Section 4d: Israel is an empty vine, and the hardened fallow ground must be broken up. There is still time for Israel to humble themselves and ‘seek the Lord’ voluntarily. If not, they will be put to shame for trusting in false gods and feeble men.

Hosea 9

Section 4c: We learn that unfaithfulness leads to unfruitfulness, but in the midst of a dark and desperate scene shines a ray of light as Hosea himself remains faithful to the Lord, enjoying communion with “my God”. Notes: In this episode I reference birth and death rates. The following BBC report gives you the details:…

Hosea 8

Section 4b: The eagle is coming and captivity is certain, and warranted. God’s people had forgotten their Maker; His Word had become strange to them; and now, having ‘sown the wind, they shall reap the whirlwind’.

Hosea 6 & 7

Section 4: The condemnation continues with Israel being likened to a hot oven and a silly dove. In this section the Lord calls for Israel to leave off their empty rituals and come to know Him: “I will have mercy and not sacrifice”, a verse quoted by the Lord Jesus twice in Matthew 9:13 and…