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  1. Dawn Price says:

    Hi I was just searching on the Webb and saw the reunion I’m so sad to have not seen this before. My parents went to hope chapel June & Tony Brelsforth. Sadly mom passed away 1984 and dad 1989. They were Sunday school teachers .very much part of the church. I too grew up in the church went to Sunday school and Friday club. My name is Dawn. I remember so many of the congregation late 70s early 80s The Clapham The smiths Brenda install The Robinson. Many more.. well I just want to say hi .

    1. ALM says:

      Dawn, thanks for the message. I’m fairly new to Hope Chapel, but quite a number fondly remember you and your mum and dad. If you’re still around Birmingham, you’re always welcome to pop in and see some of the folk again – a few that you mentioned are still a part of the fellowship.

      We shall likely have another reunion next Autumn, and there are other special events throughout the year, so keep checking in, and we’ll hopefully see you at some point, DV.

  2. Dawn Price says:

    Hi Thankyou for your reply. gosh that’s amazing that a few people remember my mom.n dad . This really pleases me. Can I ask who that is. I also remember a Yvonne Saunders is she still in the church? Yes m in Birmingham I just might do that pop in . Wonderful memories I have of hope chapel. Please pass on my regards to all that remember me. I will look out for the next reunion . Thankyou

  3. Hugo Skucek says:

    I can remember a Hope Chapel next to the Library in Kings Heath.I want several times and remember I was at school with the Pastors (not sure if correct title) daughter Esther’s Challoner .they also had prayer meetings at their home in Cambridge Road Kings heath.This was backing the Late 50’s Early 60’s

    1. ALM says:

      Hugo, thanks for your message. Yes, we are the very same Hope Chapel. We moved from beside the library, selling the property to the library back in 1972 (or sometime around then) and moved into our current location.
      I’m really interested to hear of your memories from those days. In another 5 years or so, we’ll be hitting our 100th anniversary as a church, so I’m keen to gather as much info from over the years as possible.
      There are some still with us at Hope from back in those days, so I’ll tell them you messaged. You never know, they may remember you.
      Do feel free to pop in anytime again, even if just for old times sake!!!! We’re having a community open morning on Feb 11th from 10am – 12. If you are free and local, it’d be great to meet you.

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