The Book of Truth

Let’s talk a little more about truth! Truth by definition is unique. There can only be one truth, and we acknowledge anything as a fact, we are immediately saying that everything else is false or illegitimate. Truth is also essential. Without truth there would be no life. Truth is life-giving. For example, if you are…

Knowing the Truth about Jesus Christ

In a recent FB exchange about the Bible, a friend commented: “Christianity was an underground religion for several centuries until Constantine and the Romans suddenly endorsed it, threw in some pagan festivals, fiddled with the doctrine and used it to control Europe for over a thousand years. Time and time again people have taken already…

Young Thinkers

Often we develop our ideas about reality of the world for emotional reasons. This, if not checked, will result in error or at least a lack of consistency.
Join me in learning how to think, so that we can be confident our views are true and consistent.