Isaiah 9

Section 2c: After the darkness there is light and the promise of a ‘child born’ and ‘son given’ who shall victoriously establish His kingdom. Then contrasted with the glorious person of the Messiah is a fourfold judgement upon Israel and their leaders.

Isaiah 3

Section 1c: Isaiah continues with a description of society in his day and the destructive end to which they are heading. At the heart of it the selfishness of men and the pride of women, both setting themselves “against the LORD”.

Hosea 5

Section 3b – continued condemnation of Israel and Judah for their pride and compromise respectively. The section like all the others ends with words of hope, restoration and in this case resurrection which takes us up to ch 6 v 3.

Pigheaded Pride – a terminal condition

‘He who, being often reproved, hardens his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy’ Proverbs 29:1 It’s one thing to be a simpleton or a fool. It’s quite another to be pigheaded and proud of it. The Bible constantly characterises the fool as one who has not prepared for the future (Matt 7:26,…

Touching God

“We feel more connected to someone if they touch us” Prof Guerrero (1); We know this is true on a human level, but I want to also think of inanimate objects. No doubt you can think of examples when you were in the presence of objects of significance, either belonging to a famous person, or…