Hosea 2 & 3

Section 2: There’s a reckoning for unfaithfulness within the marriage bond, but the love of the LORD sits as example of how we should act, ever seeking reconciliation with His people and even willing to pay the redemption price to buy them back.

Hosea 1

Section 1: God’s faithful love for His covenant people pictured through Hosea’ personal life.

Her Majesty’s Rock

Today, April 17th 2021, the body of HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, is laid to rest in what has been described as a fitting family funeral for one who lived his life unassumingly in the shadows of Her Majesty the Queen. Like many others in our nation, indeed across the world, my thoughts…

Psalms for Troubled Times – Psalm 119:169-176

Live Life by Praising God I trust you’ve found our journey through this epic psalm to be profitable. It certainly is very practical, and there’s plenty for us to work on, whether in relation to personal character, social behaviour, or spiritual attitude and action. I think it will be helpful to look back and summarise…