Isaiah 4 on Open Bible Podcast

Section 1d: Isaiah introduces the Messiah as ‘the branch of the LORD’ showing Jesus to be the ‘Son of God’. Explore this title of Messiah with us in the following episode of Open Bible Podcast.

New to the New Testament

You may have recently received a free New Testament from us (if not, order your copy here). To help you as you begin to read it, we have put together the short series of videos below.

Do Christians follow a ‘fake Jesus’?

A Muslim friend of mine (MCT) sent me the following syllogism: Premise 1 – Jesus said in John 16:10 , he is going to the father and he will not be seen again.Premise 2 – Jesus warned us that after his ascension many will appear in his name for misleading and deceiving as shown in…

A Blind Man Seeks Help

A comparison of the Surah 80:1 (Qur’an) with Mark 10:46-52 (Bible), and what each passage teaches us about Muhammad and Jesus Christ respectively.

Was Jesus disrespectful to His mother?

[Article by Mr.P] Sometime shortly after the occasion of Jesus’ baptism, Mary (Jesus’ mother), along with Jesus and some of the disciples were invited to a wedding. We read about this in John ch.2. During the wedding “they ran out of wine” which in the Jewish culture of that time, was such a mistake it…

Pigheaded Pride – a terminal condition

‘He who, being often reproved, hardens his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy’ Proverbs 29:1 It’s one thing to be a simpleton or a fool. It’s quite another to be pigheaded and proud of it. The Bible constantly characterises the fool as one who has not prepared for the future (Matt 7:26,…

Ark of the Covenant

David Dalton gives Christ exalting teaching from an exploration of the tabernacle responsibilities of the family of Kohath. Episode One – The Ark To find other videos in this series, click here.

Psalms for Troubled Times – Psalm 107

A Thankful People While the first of a new book, I mentioned yesterday that Psalm 107 is also the last in a trilogy beginning in 105. Each of these psalms deals with the history of the nation of Israel, but each from a different perspective. From the faithfulness of God, to man’s faithlessness, this psalm…