722BC and beyond

We conclude a look at the historical setting of Hosea’ day with a reading from 2 Kings 17.

Historical Clarification

2 Kings 15 We consider the reigns of Zechariah, Shallum, Menahem, Pekahiah and Pekah son of Remaliah.

Hosea 13

Section 5b: Final declarations of judgement for gross idolatry, including child sacrifice. Israel would reap what they had sown, to quote a previous chapter.

Hosea 4

Section 3a: Hosea begins to bring the LORD’s case against the northern nation of Israel, particularly in his sight are the supposed spiritual leaders of the people. Sadly, they were not leading and there was ‘no knowledge of God in the land’ – similar words can be said of our own day.

Songs of Degrees – Psalm 121

The LORD – our Help and our Keeper Having described his distress on the first step (in 120), Hezekiah ascends to the second step, looking for help. Where will he find it? The advice of the world around him would be to ‘look to the hills’. In other words, to the high places and idols…


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