Isaiah 10

Section 2d: The declaration of judgement continues, but this time directed to the King of Assyria. We are moving perhaps 15 years on from the previous chapter, and Assyria is turning its attention to the Kingdom of Judah. Isaiah is showing Judah their foolishness is trusting in Assyria to begin with, and calls them again…

Isaiah 8

Section 2b: Another few years have passed from chapter 7, and the LORD speaks to Isaiah on three more occasions. It’s sad to see the hardness and rebellion of the people despite the goodness and grace of the LORD.

Hosea 13

Section 5b: Final declarations of judgement for gross idolatry, including child sacrifice. Israel would reap what they had sown, to quote a previous chapter.

Hosea 9

Section 4c: We learn that unfaithfulness leads to unfruitfulness, but in the midst of a dark and desperate scene shines a ray of light as Hosea himself remains faithful to the Lord, enjoying communion with “my God”. Notes: In this episode I reference birth and death rates. The following BBC report gives you the details:…

Hosea 8

Section 4b: The eagle is coming and captivity is certain, and warranted. God’s people had forgotten their Maker; His Word had become strange to them; and now, having ‘sown the wind, they shall reap the whirlwind’.

Hosea 5

Section 3b – continued condemnation of Israel and Judah for their pride and compromise respectively. The section like all the others ends with words of hope, restoration and in this case resurrection which takes us up to ch 6 v 3.

2 Kings 14,15 – Historical Context

Today we consider a historical section where the Prophet Jonah is mentioned, and consider some lessons from how the LORD God deals with both nations of Israel and Judah and their respective kings. I didn’t have the dates of the kings’ reigns when I recorded the podcast, but you can see them below on this…

Songs of Degrees – Psalm 120

Truth and Peace – Rare Commodities As the psalmist stands on the bottom step he laments his position. As one who loves truth and seeks peace, he feels that he is alone, surrounded by those who have ‘lying lips’ (v2) and ‘are for war‘ (v7). This causes the psalmist much ‘distress’ and he says ‘woe…

Songs of Degrees – Historical Introduction

Following the Hallel psalms (113-118) and the great exposition on the practical blessings of the Word of God (119), we now come to a group of 15 psalms, all entitled ‘Song of Degrees’, or in some translations ‘Song of Ascents’. We have no clear understanding as to the specific historical context that gave rise to…