Questioning the Qur’an

“The standard narrative has holes in it.”

[Yasir Qadhi]

It is inconceivable to me how so many Muslims continue to claim that the Qur’an is perfectly preserved, some even saying ‘down to the letter’. This is the “standard narrative” referred to, and in the summer of 2020, Muslim scholar, Yasir Qadhi, finally admitted that this narrative does not hold water. Here are some of the many questions needing an answer:


Surah 1:1

Compassionate and Merciful

Is Allah a father or a judge? Judges do not show compassion and mercy, fathers do.

Surah 4:17

Isa Masih – Word of God/Spirit of God

This concept contradicts the doctrine of Tawhid.

Surah 48:9

Does Islam commits Shirk?

The grammar of this verse points to the worship of the prophet of Islam.

Surah 80:24-31

Where is the grass?

The geographical description does not match with Mecca, in the Hejaz.

Surah 2:158

Safa and Marwa

These mountains are not in Mecca, but further north. More holes for the standard narrative.

Surah 20

Where is the blood sacrifice?

Why does this story, taken from the Taurat, miss the most central and important part?

Surah 80:1,2

Dealing with the Blind

What kind of man was the prophet of Islam?


Surah 28:48

4/10 qira’at have the top reading: ‘two magics’ or ‘works of magic’ (Hafs). 6/10 have the bottom reading: ‘two magicians’. (Warsh).

Which was revealed?

Surah 85:22

Mahfuzun or Mahfuzin?

A small grammatical difference between leads to a big doctrinal difference, and proves the idea of perfect preservation is wrong.

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