The purpose of this website …

 is to share with you the wonderful hope that is found in Jesus Christ.

Psalm 119:81 ‘My soul faints for your salvation: but I hope in your Word’

God’s way of salvation is the central message of the Bible. Whether you turn to the beginning or the end; the Old Testament or the New; the Law, the Psalms, the Prophets or the Gospels; all parts of the Bible teach us the follow key facts:

  1. We are a people in need of salvation, because we have sinned against our Creator.
  2. We cannot save ourselves, or even please God, because we all fall short of God’s standard.
  3. Our sin leads us towards death, and after death, eternal judgment.
  4. There is hope, and a way of salvation provided by God Himself.
  5. Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation because …
    • He is the eternal Son of God.
    • He has become a sinless Man.
    • He has taken our place under the wrath of God.
    • He has paid the price in full by the shedding of His precious blood.
    • He has voluntarily gone into death and risen again the third day – a victorious Saviour.
  6. All we have to do to receive God’s offered salvation is to take God at His Word, and accept it for ourselves – it is a free gift.

Acts 16:35 ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved’.