Amos 7

We learn about the heart and humility of Amos. We see his compassion for the people as he intercedes for them, and his simple obedience and trust in the Lord, taking no glory for himself. We hear of his commission to service, and think of the Great Commission the Lord has given to all His…

Amos 6

The LORD speaks against the ruling elite who, while enjoying prosperity and ease themselves, display injustice towards the afflicted remnant. Because of this they will be the first to be taken into captivity. In this we see the righteous justice of the LORD at work.

Amos 5

Seek the Lord! This is the repeated refrain in chapter five, “that ye may live”. It is not with the hope that God’s judgement will not fall, for that is certain, but gives hope of the promise of God’s presence for a faithful remnant, that He “shall be with you”, just as He was with…

Amos 4

Key Thought: Prepare to meet thy God. This is the conclusion to a series of seven precursors of judgement: famine, drought, pestilence etc, that ought to have turned the hearts of the people back to the LORD. Sadly, Amos would have to say ‘yet ye have not returned’. I cannot read this in our day…

Amos 3

Through Amos, the LORD sets out His case against Israel, and states the judgement that is coming. Key Thought: Can two walk together, except they be agreed?

Amos 1 & 2

This prophecy of Amos begins with a series of eight announcements of judgement that span two chapters, ending with a pronouncement against the northern kingdom of Israel. We learn that God is long-suffering, but there is a limit. We end our thoughts at the cross considering the sufferings of Christ and His resurrection.

2 Kings 14,15 – Historical Context

Today we consider a historical section where the Prophet Jonah is mentioned, and consider some lessons from how the LORD God deals with both nations of Israel and Judah and their respective kings. I didn’t have the dates of the kings’ reigns when I recorded the podcast, but you can see them below on this…

Jonah 4

We conclude our reading through the Prophecy of Jonah today and learn some precious lessons concerning our God and our approach unto Him in prayer. Tomorrow we will move into the Prophecy of Nahum.

Jonah 3

We see Jonah now walking in the Spirit, obedient to the LORD in both word and deed. Then we discuss faith and works; learn an important lesson on prayer; and rejoice in the multitude of God’s mercies (Psalm 106:45).

Jonah 2

Today we ask the question, what happens when a Christian sins? As we consider Jonah’s experience and his prayer, we are drawn back to the cross – the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we learn that our God is a God of restoration and life. Indeed, it is out of this…

Jonah 1

Key Points: We consider Jonah as a type of a Christian, within whom wars the Spirit and the flesh. We consider the work of the Holy Spirit within the world, and the importance of believers being awake and engaging in prayer.

Philippians 4

Key Points: 1) Stand fast in the Lord, 2) Rejoice in the Lord, 3) Pray, 4) Think on these things