Supporting the Lord’s Work

Dear fellow labourers,

Thank you for your exercise is wanting to support the work we seek to do for our Lord Jesus Christ here in Birmingham.  Apologies for the extra step involved now, but to have a donate button on the other website I would have had to upgrade to a paid plan, and as I already have a paid plan for this website, I thought it more cost effective to provide a link to here.

‘The LORD saith …’Them that honour Me, I will honour” [1Sam2:30]


Free-will Offering

This button provides an option for those exercised in making a free-will offering to the work of the Gospel, here in Birmingham. I would like to have been able to leave it solely to your discretion as to how much you are exercised to give, but it seems I must put in an amount. I therefore have put an amount of £10, with the option to multiply that as you wish. I trust this is acceptable. It is the best I can do at present.